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The Life and Earth Project is a non-profit effort. It involves sending a free hard copy of "Life and Earth" to World Leaders and those individuals that are most likely to have an impact on social policy world wide. The "Life and Earth" book emphasizes the risks related to the side effects of human technology on Life and the Planet. The basic proposal is that humanity needs a type of global universal philosophy and education system that can complement existing education systems. If countries can together create and follow a globally intelligent type of thinking, this might help them to co-operate and stay on the the best probable path to ensure a bright future for all Life and Earth.

As of 2019, it would appear that countries are becoming more divisive. They are independently exploring world impacting technologies at an increasing rate under their own sets of policies. An example is the increased development of nuclear weapons that are becoming more complex and powerful. This could be a big problem if the larger economies like the U.S.A., Russia, China, and India are unable to work together to establish treaties on world impacting technologies. In the near future, without the proper treaties in place, and the required cooperation, we may find the skies scattered with satellites armed with nuclear weapons managed independently by countries, and artificial intelligence. If we can all understand that we must pioneer our new technologies together, we might then find our way to the future we all hope for.

In the future those who may wish to contribute to the costs of creating and mailing the book, thereby supporting the Life and Earth Project, will be appreciated. If this comes to be, then "Life and Earth" may become considered "funded by humanity". Hopefully we can keep the world a wonderful place for all Life in our generation, and generations to come.

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